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How To Become An Successful Student

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How to Become An Successful Student
 Being successful means a combination of  successful attitudes and behaviors as well as intellectual capacity


1. are responsible and active in their classroom

Successful students get involved in their studies, accept responsibilities for their own education, and are active participants in it. Responsibility is the difference between leading and being led .
Active classroom participation improves grades without increasing the study time. Either you can sit there , act bored, daydream, or sleep or you can actively listen, think, question , and take notes.
Either option costs one class period.

2. Have educational goals

Successful students are motivated by how their own goals are represented in terms of carrier aspirations and life’s desires. If you are represented in terms of carrier aspirations and life’s desires. If your educational goals, are truly yours not someone else’s . they will motivate vital and positive academic attitude.

3. Ask questions

Successful students ask question to provide the quickest route between ignorance and knowledge you seek, asking questions has at least two other
extremely important benefits i.e., the process helps you pay attention to your teacher and helps your teacher pay attention to you!

4. Learn that a student and a professor make a team

Most of the teacher wants exactly what you want: they would like for you to learn the material in their respective classes and earn a good grade and a great carrier ahead. Successful students reflect well on the effort of any teacher: if you have learned your material, the teacher takes some justifiable pride in teaching.

5. Take good notes

Successful students take notes that are understandable and organized, and review them often. You can make copies containing class notes and home notes.

6. Understand that actions affect learning

Successful students know their personal behavior affect their feeling and ecomotions which in turn can effect learning. If you act in a certain way that normally produces particular feelings, you will begin to experience those feelings.

7. Talk about what they’re learning

Successful students get to know something well enough that they can put it to words. Talking about something, with friends or classmates, is not only good for checking whether or not you know something, it’s a proven learning tool.

8. Don’t cram for exams

Successful students know that divided periods of study are more effective than cram sessions, and they practice it. If there is one thing that study skills specialists agree on, it is that distributed study is better than massed, late-night, last-ditch efforts known as cramming.

9. Are good time manager

Successful students have learned that time control is life control and have consciously chosen to be in control of their life.
Last but not the least successful students know that their body, mind and spirit are interconnected. You won’t do your best work in college if you have physical, mental or emotional challenges.
How do you take care of yourself?
· Eat healthy foods
· Get at least 8 hours sleep
· Avoid self-medicating with alcohol and/or illegal drugs.
· Maintain healthy relationships and personal support system.
Be as kind to yourself as you are to your friends
Last but not the least, as the world has become so competitive, you will have to do your best to secure your share of success Good Luck.


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